2/22/10 Connor 3rd Block- I added a comparison page for pros. and euks. and for plants vs. animals. I added this page and took the experiment part out of osmosis. I added a title and picture section on the plant vs. animal cells for both types.
2/22/10 Charlie 4th Block- I tryed to do the oraganelles page but the computer was really laggy so i couldnt do anyhting. Ill try to work on it at home.
2/23/10 Connor Night-I added pictures for plant,animal,eukaryotic,and prokaryotic cells. If you can do organelles,I'll do the comparisons.I also added a new title on the cell theory page below the cell theory.
2/24/10 Charlie Morning- I will work on the organelles and then well be done i guess. Do u want to make 2 organelle pages for animals and one for plants? I was thinking one for common and then one for the each of them. I didn't finish so i will try to finish during 4th block and after school.
2/24/10 Connor 3rd Block- I added a prokaryotes section.That sounds good,but im pretty sure all organelles in animals are in plants.So we could have all of em one page and just label the ones that are plant only. If there ones that are animal only though use your idea.
2/24/10 Connor 6:12 p.m.- Completed pros vs. eus. Give feedback? Gonna do plants vs. animals later tonight.
2/24/10 Charlie 8:59 p.m.- looks good, i was running errands with my mom so i couldn't keep working on it in the afternoon but ill try to work on it now. pros vs Eus looks good and gl on finishing the plants vs animals. Give feedback on organelles?
2/24/10 Connor 9:25 p.m.- Completed plants and animals page.feedback?the organelles look real good just keep that set up going
2/24/10 Charlie 10:18 p.m. - Almost done, and should we leave this page for Mr.B? You know to show our progress? And if u know how can u change the background color of this website to another color i don't really like yellow anymore, its just really annoying looking.